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C2U1 - High-Fidelity Simulations of Pollutant Formation of Spray Flames Under Engine-Like Conditions

This use-case is dedicated to the modelling of spray flames in practical combustion systems using advance numerical simulations. 

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This test not only requires the solution of the turbulent flow on complex geometries but also the description of the fuel injection, atomization and evaporation as long as the solution of the chemistry problem with all the species and reactions involved. This problem is inherently multiphysics and multiscale, and will strongly benefit from going to Exascale.


Description - engineer

This use case demonstrates the application of efficient multiphysics simulations using an Eulerian-Lagrangian framework to describe the multiphysics problem. The computational framework developed in the context of EXCELLERAT permits the application of numerical simulations for dispersing multiphase flow with heat and mass transfer. These applications are common in propulsion, chemical engineering and aerosols. This test case is also linked to in-situ data analysis to obtain real-time information about the key physical processes.


Description - developer

This use-case is a rich problem from the physical and numerical point of view, as it describes a multiphysics problem based on a reacting multiphase flow with chemical reactions. Aspects related to strong scaling are necessary due to the resolution required by the combustion process at engine-relevant conditions, but also due to the strong coupling between the gas and the dispersed phase in a turbulent flow.


This use case was developed within the EXCELLERAT P1 project phase.