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C2U2 - Active Flow Control of Aircraft Aerodynamics Including Synthetic Jet Actuators

This use-case is dedicated to the numerical characterization of the synthetic jet actuator on a full aircraft configuration to better control flow separation over the wings at a low drag penalty. At moderate to high Reynolds number conditions as those found in landing or take-off, the resolution of the boundary layer is prohibitive with the resources available at current supercomputer architectures. 

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Description - engineer

This use case demonstrates a simulation technology that can be used for aircraft design and optimization based on high-fidelity CFD. High-fidelity full aircraft simulation can be conducted to evaluate the impact of active flow control on the lift and drag coefficient across the complete flight envelope. Simulations with accelerators and over heterogeneous architectures can be demonstrated. By the use of advanced simulation techniques such as wall-model large-eddy simulation (WMLES), this is now feasible under these conditions and research dedicated to this problem is showing high potential to achieve optimal aerodynamic performance.


Description - developer

This use case demands knowledge of advanced fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, large-eddy simulation and wall-model LES. This comes in collaboration with HPC developments that can permit large-scale applications of high-fidelity simulations on heterogeneous architectures. The application of AMR to this problem is expected to reduce the computational cost of the simulations.


This use case was developed within the EXCELLERAT P1 project phase.