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UC4 - Fully Integrated Aircraft Simulations with Emissions Models

Fully integrated simulations of the aircraft with emissions models conducted with Alya and Sod2D to obtain detailed predictions of aerodynamics and emissions characteristics, including NOx or soot.

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The Challenge

A multicode strategy will be used to perform coupled multiphysics simulations with high computational performance, flexibility, and portability. Alya will be used to characterize the formation of contaminants inside the aircraft engine. The aerodynamics and contaminant dispersion will be simulated with the new high-order code Sod2D.



The use case aims to generate digital tools to obtain detailed information for aircraft and propulsive systems, an essential step towards the design of low-emissions ultra-silent aircraft.



It involves high-fidelity wall modelled Large Eddy Simulations coupled to combustion contaminant dispersion and flow control.



Intelligent postprocessing for exascale data using POD and DMD, together with in situ and interactive visualization, will be used to maximize and simplify the extraction of information.