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Performance Analysis of Complex Engineering Frameworks


Best practice


Many engineering applications require complex frameworks to simulate the intricate and extensive sub-problems involved. However, performance analysis tools can struggle when the complexity of the application frameworks increases. In this paper, we share our efforts and experiences in analyzing the performance of CODA, a CFD solver for aircraft aerodynamics developed by DLR, ONERA, and Airbus, which is part of a larger framework for multi-disciplinary analysis in aircraft design. CODA is one of the key next-generation engineering applications represented in the European Centre of Excellence for Engineering Applications (EXCELLERAT). The solver features innovative algorithms and advanced software technology concepts dedicated to HPC. It is implemented in Python and C++ and uses multi-level parallelization via MPI or GASPI and OpenMP. We present, from an engineering perspective, the state of the art in performance analysis tools, discuss the demands and challenges, and present first results of the performance analysis of a CODA performance test case.