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P1 - D1.6 Report on the Service Portfolio


Public material


The deliverable (D)1.6 Report on the Service Portfolio describes the update on EXCELLERAT’s approach to developing and evolving its service portfolio. The initial service portfolio was defined and described in D4.1 “Application Fields and Competence Map”. The methodology of how EXCELLERAT will develop this initial set of services towards a portfolio of fully marketable services was initially described in D4.2. This deliverable is considered as an update of D4.2. Concerning the evolution of the service portfolio it is elaborated on, how the methodology applied to derive further service requirements from the work done within the use cases during the first 24 project months enabled the alignment of the service requests to the perspectives of the different actors involved in the development of the Exascale engineering cycle. Further on, the deliverable presents the explicit topics of the service requests formulated by the EXCELLERAT use cases along with their mapping to different actor perspectives and service categories which finally forms the initial marketable service layout implemented via the EXCELLERAT portal. The current deliverable will also summarize the consulting topics that are driven by the user requirements and will be explained particularly in D4.6.


Find Deliverable here. 



This deliverable was developed within the EXCELLERAT P1 Project phase. 


Public Project Deliverable