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P2 - D2.16 Report on the OpenFoam/Elmer Application Use Case


Public material


This document summarises the progress made in the OpenFoam/Elmer application use case (UC) FA-1 by University of Ljubljana (UL). We present the objectives of the use case and the development of the use case workflow in detail. The introduction explains the purpose and extent of the use case concerning research in magnetically confined nuclear fusion. Then, the objectives of the use case are explained and its aim concerning the EXCELLERAT P2 work is discussed. In section 3 the workflow is presented in more detail, explaining individual simulation steps needed to achieve the desired output of the use case.


Find Deliverable here. 



Public Project Deliverable



This deliverable was developed within the EXCELLERAT P2 Project phase. 

This deliverable has not yet been approved by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking.


Public Project Deliverable