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P2 - D2.6 Report on the AVBP Use Case


Public material


This document presents the progress made in the AVBP Application Use Case UC-2 within reporting period 1 covering the first year of the EXCELLERAT P2 project. Based on the detailed roadmap of the workflow development defined in deliverable D2.1, the workflow of the use case is summarised and the achieved progress concerning the defined workflow, objectives and success criteria are presented.
In summary, the workflow development for UC-2 has progressed according to the schedule defined in deliverable D2.1. Work has been performed on the individual tasks planned for the first year of the project.


Find Deliverable here. 



Public Project Deliverable



This deliverable was developed within the EXCELLERAT P2 Project phase. 

This deliverable has not yet been approved by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking.


Public Project Deliverable