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P2 - D5.1 Services, Training and Portal Progress Report


Public material


This deliverable D5.1 “Services, Training and Portal Progress Report” presents the outcomes of the first year of Work Package (WP) 5 activities for all its four tasks.

Task 5.1 Service Provisioning: the new EXCELLERAT Service Portal graphic design has been developed according to the result of the satisfaction survey of the users.

Task 5.2 Training and Education: four main training events have taken place during the first 10 months of the project. Overall, the training event contents and lectures received positive feedback from the participants.

Task 5.3 Resource Acquisition: as the EuroHPC JU has not yet defined a special access scheme to computational resources for Centres of Excellence, the activity of task 5.3 for the first year consisted mainly of collecting information in collaboration with CASTIEL 2. The computational requirements of the various EXCELLERAT P2 use cases were estimated, and input from the code owners concerning the service offerings were collected.

Task 5.4 Further Applications: The application form for the onboarding of new applications through the service portal is currently being developed. In the meantime, task 5.4 has been collaborating with the technical WPs in following the first onboarded use case, the digital twin of the first wall of a tokamak fusion reactor, which is currently proceeding on schedule.

Additionally, an onboarding request from DCS Computing GmbH forwarded by the Austrian NCC is being evaluated.


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Public Project Deliverable



This deliverable was developed within the EXCELLERAT P2 Project phase. 

This deliverable has not yet been approved by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking.


Public Project Deliverable