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P2 - D7.2 Report on Communication, Dissemination, Collaboration, and Community Building


Public material


This report provides a comprehensive overview of the communication, dissemination, collaboration, and community-building activities undertaken by EXCELLERAT P2 during the reporting period (M1-M12). The document outlines the implementation of the communication and dissemination strategy developed in D7.1, emphasizing activities such as social media engagement, website updates, and multimedia content creation. In contrast to D7.1, this deliverable includes a report on ongoing collaboration actions (see section 3). The exploitation efforts are now part of WP6 deliverables. 


Find Deliverable here. 



Public Project Deliverable



This deliverable was developed within the EXCELLERAT P2 Project phase. 

This deliverable has not yet been approved by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking.


Public Project Deliverable