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Alya is a parallel multi-physics / multi-scale simulation code, which has been developed to run efficiently in supercomputing environments, with optimal performance on heterogeneous architectures.

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About the software

Among the different physics solved by Alya, we can mention incompressible/compressible flows, non-linear solid mechanics, particle transport, multiphase problems, heat transfer, turbulence modelling, electrical propagation, etc. It was specially designed for massively parallel supercomputers, and the parallelization is hybrid. A sub-structuring technique with MPI as the message-passing library is used for distributed memory supercomputers. At the node level, both loop and task parallelisms are considered, using both OpenMP and OmpSs. Dynamic load balance techniques have been introduced to better exploit computational resources at the node level. Accelerators like GPU are also exploited at the iterative solver and assembly levels to further enhance the performance of the code. The numerical strategy is based on the Finite Element Method and is currently being extended to spectral elements.


Software details

Alya is one of the two CFD codes of the Unified European Applications Benchmark Suite (UEBAS) as well as the Accelerator benchmark suite of PRACE, developed by around 40 developers in BSC and many other researchers worldwide. The code has demonstrated parallel performance for coupled multi-physics problems from different domains: FSI, combustion, contact problems, tissue electromechanics, and chemical reactions, with problems involving compressible/incompressible flows, turbulence, non-linear solid mechanics, chemical reactions, electromagnetism, excitable media, multi-phase flow, or particles transport.

Code license

Shared through a Limited Usage License agreement for scientific purposes. To be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Available freely for academic purposes. See

For commercial purposes agreement must be signed with BSC.

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Private. Distributed on a case-by-case basis.