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CFD by ONERA, DLR and Airbus (CODA)

CODA is a Computational Fluid Dynamics software based on second-order finite-volume and higher-order Discontinuous-Galerkin discretizations on unstructured grids.

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About the software

CODA is a compressible-flow CFD code for unstructured grids. It is integrated into the Python-based “FlowSimulator” framework for multidisciplinary analysis and design optimization.

CODA features a wide range of physical models, ranging from steady-state Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations (RANS) with a selection of suitable turbulence models to Large Eddy Simulation (LES) capabilities as well as hybrid RANS/LES models. For both steady as well as unsteady modes, several explicit and implicit time-stepping methods are available.

For the highest parallel scalability, CODA features a two-level domain decomposition of the unstructured mesh, resulting in a hybrid parallelization addressing the process level (distributed memory) as well as the thread level (shared memory).


Software details

CODA is implemented in C++17, making heavy use of templates to optimize performance in the presence of a high level of abstraction. Consequently, a large number of instantiations need to be compiled/provided in the shared library. Selection of the appropriate version can be conveniently done via text parameters and a factory mechanism. CODA is used exclusively through a Python interface generated using Swig. It is designed as a plugin for the FlowSimulator framework for multidisciplinary analysis and design optimization. Any couplings to other codes can be realized in this framework.


Code license

Proprietary, based on individual agreement. 

Programming language

C++, Python


Private (CODA is jointly owned by ONERA, DLR and Airbus). Distributed on a case-by-case basis.