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m-AIA is a CFD related multi-physics simulation framework for aeroacoustics, aeroelastics or conjugate heat transfer, based on Cartesian meshes tailored for high-performance computing systems.

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About the software

m-AIA is a multi-physics simulation framework developed by the Institute of Aerodynamics (AIA) at RWTH Aachen University. It allows an efficient coupling of the various implemented solvers such as finite-volume, discontinuous Galerkin, Lattice Boltzmann and level-set methods. Furthermore, a spray model and two-way coupled Lagrangian particle tracking methods are available for the prediction of multiphase flows. The simulation of reactive flows is performed using external chemistry libraries. The individual solvers are based on hierarchical Cartesian meshes allowing an automatic mesh generation and adaptive mesh refinement also for moving objects. Dynamic load balancing for coupled simulations is realized by partitioning the joint mesh of all involved solvers such that coupling information can be exchanged locally on each subdomain.


Software details

m-AIA is written in C++, is hosted in a git repository and uses continuous integration (CI) features. Parallelization is realized with the message-passing interface (MPI) and OpenMP. It has been partially ported to NVIDIA GPUs using the PSTL defined in C++ version 17. Parallel IO is performed using HDF5 and parallel NetCDF. m-AIA allows to performance of large-scale multiphysics simulations for various types of applications on HPC hardware and has shown high scalability for more than O(400.000) computing cores.


Code license

m-AIA will be published using either the  MIT or BSD license.


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