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Ray-tracing is a package for the simulation of optical phenomena.

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About the software

An OOP ray-tracing framework for Python. Raysect has been built with scientific ray-tracing in mind. Fully spectral, high precision. Supports scientific ray-tracing of spectra from physical light sources such as plasmas. All core loops are written in Cython for speed. Easily extensible, written with user customisation of materials and emissive sources in mind. Different observer types are supported such as Pinhole cameras and optical fibres.


Software details

The Raysect package requires Python 3.3+, numpy, scipy and matplotlib. Scipy version 0.13 or higher is recommended. A selection of test scripts can be run with the nose testing framework. These are routinely run on the development version. Running nosetests at the terminal in the source directory should run all of these tests to completion without errors or failures. Many of the demos used throughout the Raysect documentation are distributed with the source code in the demo folder. Parallelization is achieved via Cython, using OpenMP for faster and more efficient runs.


Code license

Copyright (c) 2014-2017, Dr Alex Meakins, Raysect Project All rights reserved.


Code URL

Home — Raysect Documentation

Programming language

 Python, C