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EXCELLERAT P2 was successfully represented at the 17th International Symposium on Operations Research in Slovenia – SOR’23, held in Bled, Slovenia, September 20-22, 2023.


The SOR provides an international forum for scientific exchange at the frontiers of operations research in mathematics, statistics, economics, engineering,
education, environment, computer science, etc. As the need for exascale computing is growing in all these areas, we try to stay in touch with all stakeholders also through this event.


Researcher prof. Janez Povh, Ph.D., from the University of Ljubljana, a partner in the project, gave a presentation on the project at the symposium. He explained the test study on the digital twin of ITER, which will be conducted as part of EXCELLERAT P2. The test studies will be further developed into use cases. The video on the applications and use cases of EXCELLERAT left a great impression on the audience.


Through this event, we reached 100 experts, users and potential users of HPC. We were able to explain how exascale computing can solve highly complex and costly technical problems and create improved technological solutions. This is the goal of EXCELLERAT P2, to encourage the engineering industry to move towards exascale technologies.


Author: Mateja Maffi, University of Ljubljana - LECAD