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Enabling High-Performance Collaboration: A Data Exchange Platform for HPC




As part of the EXCELLERAT project, SSC is developing a secure data exchange and transfer platform to facilitate the use of High-Performance Computing (HPC) in industry and to make data transfer more efficient. Furthermore, many companies do not have an academic and research context for High-Performance Computing. Any industrial solution available on the market offers high-performance computing without a connection to research. On the other hand, most scientific institutes focus almost exclusively on the research approach without any interaction with industry. The unique selling point of the platform is that we can also offer industry access to HPC via academic institutions.

Nowadays, organizations and smaller industrial partners face various challenges in dealing with HPC computations, HPC in general, or even access to HPC resources. In many cases, the computations are complex and the potential users do not have the expertise to fully exploit HPC technologies without support. The developed data delivery platform will be able to simplify or even eliminate these hurdles. The platform will allow users to easily access both the Hawk and Vulcan HLRS computing systems from any authorized device and perform their simulations remotely.

In collaboration with several industrial pilot partners, the platform prototype is undergoing various tests of its suitability. All user requirements and feedback are subsequently being incorporated into further development and optimization to provide the greatest possible added value for future users from different sectors.


Access the whitepaper on this link. 



This white paper was written in German by Jens Gerle, Joachim Grimm, and Christopher Röhl from SSC-Services GmbH. It was translated by Sally Kiebdaj, HLRS.