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R. Borrell, D. Dosimont, M. Garcia-Gasulla, G. Houzeaux, O. Lehmkuhl, V. Mehta, H. Owen, M. Vázquez, G. Oyarzun

Heterogenous coexecution of CFD simulations on the POWER9 architecture


Ivette Rodriguez, Oriol Lehmkuhl

On the Characteristics of the Super-CriticalWake behind a Circular Cylinder

License: Open access

Bastian Koller, Ralf Schneider, Andreas Ruopp & Dimitris Liparas

Mastering Exascale Challenges For Engineering Applications

License: Open access

Ricard Borrell; Guillermo Oyarzun; Damien Dosimont; Guillaume Houzeaux

Parallel SFC-based mesh partitioning and load balancing

License: IEEE

Saleh Rezaeiravesh et al

Towards Multifidelity Models with Calibration for Turbulent Flows

License: CC BY-NC-SA license

Antoine Dauptain and Elsa Gullaud, CERFACS

Monitoring High-Performance Computing at Scale-Introduction and Worked Example

License: Public

Jens Gerle, Joachim Grimm, and Christopher Röhl, SSC-Services GmbH

Enabling High-Performance Collaboration: A Data Exchange Platform for HPC

License: Public

Saleh Rezaeiravesh, KTH and Christian Gscheidle, Fraunhofer SCAI

Empowering Large-Scale Turbulent Flow Simulations With UQ Techniques

License: Public