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Data Management Platform

All sectors
Data Management

The Data Management Platform facilitates the access to High-Performance Computing resources for industry, particularly for SMEs, and provides data transfer and HPC usage through a web front end.

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Automotive, Energy, Aerospace
Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Computational Fluid Dynamics

The InSiDS Toolbox has the goal to support both a flexible application and an efficient parallel execution of new in-situ algorithms during the development and evaluation process.

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Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace
Data Analytics, Data Management, Machine Learning

SimExplore is a stand-alone software tool for explorative analyses and visualizations of engineering data from FEM or CFD simulations supporting the product design process.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics, Data Analytics, Statistics

UQit is a Python toolbox for uncertainty quantification (UQ) and time-series analysis. The designed structure and included tools are aligned with the specifications and demands of CFD (computational...

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All sectors
Visualization, Data Analytics

Vistle is a parallel visualization framework with focus on interactive visualization in immersive virtual environments.

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